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MAA SHEETLE MINERALS & RESOURCES operating network produces high range Talc Lumps in India and conducts massive extraction projects to pull out the world-class quality of Talc lumps from beneath from the earth and after Processing and distributes high-quality industrial talc products; and provides a comprehensive and reliable service, its state-of-the-art technology, tools and proficient manpower to cater Industry demands and business needs with a range of customers in different industries – Paper, Polymer Compounding, Paints and fillers, animal feed, building coatings, ceramics, Cosmetic and pharmaceuticals and more. The company’s success stems from its commitment to sustainable value creation, its strategic investment policy and its culture of providing innovative industrial solutions for its customers


Our quality standards extend to our services, technical expertise, and advice. Our team is happy to assist you in your daily business.

  • High-quality talc products

  • Product service support

  • Technical, sales, and customer service support.

  • Innovative products

  • Research and development at the customer's disposal.

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